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Raising funds for charitable causes and projects can be a difficult job requiring time and commitment. We started our business in 1990 developing domestically manufactured, steel poinsettia display racks for churches, supermarkets and Florists/Garden Centers.

Many of our church customers suggested we enter the fund Raising aspect of the church community.

Our Program

You can create this stunning illuminated poinsettia tree for your church this Christmas Season. You will beautify your church and raise funds at the same time. Your church purchases one of our steel plant racks then members of your congregation can donate candles and/or plants in memory of a loved one. We also have a special card “With Special Thanks” for sponsors who may also want to donate funds for the church.

Here are the simple steps to get started:

  1. Review the Fundraising Program page on our website.
  2. Choose the tree size and style that best fits your budget and space.
  3. Choose live plants (available locally) or resusable (silk plants in 6” pots) available locally or order them from us at Creative Displays.
  4. Decide on the number of candle kits (20 LED candles with steel brackets, 20 donation cards, 20 memorial cards and ribbon) that you want to order. The cards easily attach onto the candles for visual presentation & appreciation.
  5. Ask for 2 volunteers to assemble the tree. Approx. 2 hrs. depending on style.
  6. Fill the tree with plants and decorate the tree with candles.
  7. Ask for donations… We suggest $20 per candle or silk poinsettia plant. Sponsors will probably donate more.

The Fundraising Candles Program

The LED candles can be used year after year for up to 100 seasons with 120,000 hours of life. So you could offer the same candle over 100 times. They come with a steel bracket that clips on to the rack. Each bracket slides in and out so you can position the candle by the plants. You only have to supply and replace the AA batteries and cards each year. Each LED candle with bracket comes with an “In Loving Memory” card and a “With Special Thanks” card to attach to each candle (minimum 20 packs). Tie the chosen card to the candle with ribbon. At season’s end, take down your tree, pack up the candles and brackets, take out the batteries and store them for the next year to be used again.

Fundraising Combo Kit (item #410F) – (Includes 20 packs $150.00)

Each Kit Consists Of:

  • 20 Candles with steel brackets
  • 20 “With Special Thanks” Cards
  • 20 “In Loving Memory” Cards
  • Roll of White Double Face Satin Ribbon (1/8″ x 50 yards)

The Fundraising Poinsettia Plants

You can buy live poinsettia plants in 6” pots locally to fill the tree. You can ask your members to donate these or assign a cost on each one to make it a fundraiser. Order our beautiful potted silk poinsettia plants in 6”gold foil base to fill your tree and use these as a fundraiser. Or you can use silk poinsettia plants in 6” pots bought locally or through us. If you order our silk poinsettia plants, just keep the carton they come in to store them until next year. You can reuse them year after year and offer them as a fundraiser each year. (Minimum 12 Poinsettias)

ITEM: 1676R/W 16″ x 6″ Pot Potted Poinsettias $10.95 ea.
ITEM: White Silk Poinsettia x 7 Blooms in a 6″ Pot


Only, if you use live plants will you need to reorder those. Consider using the rack and candles for an Easter Tree with mums in the Spring. This will add to your fund raising results.

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If we can be of any assistance, please call us at 1-800-984-7984

We appreciate your business! ~ THANK YOU ~

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